Child Support Consulting Pty Ltd

Who is Child Support Consulting and how we can assist

Child Support Consulting have extensive experience in Child Support help, having worked in the CSA for nearly a decade. This provides them with behind the scenes insights into how Child Support Agency operates, and how best to ensure you are only paying the minimum payments each year.

This required strong work ethics, a culture of helping others and a determination to ensure their clients are of the greatest importance.

While working in Child Support Agency offices, the team were involved with a broad range of related tasks, including:

  • Reviewing and updating customer records
  • Working with customers to educate them regarding legislation, and how to better work within these requirements
  • Processing Estimates
  • Implementing changes to care agreements
  • Implementing and discussing alternative collection avenues with customers
  • Discussing ‘Change of Assessments’ with customers
  • Fielding objections from customers and working with them to better understand their preferred outcomes
  • Working with customers and related parties with Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

After working so closely with CSA and seeing the need for customers to have independent advice, assistance and support in traversing the legislation, Child Support Consulting was born!

Child Support Consulting Pty Ltd was started with the vision of helping any customer understand what his or her rights and options are.

Our knowledge and familiarity with the CSA system and up-to-date knowledge of the legislation, means we can assist you with ALL your needs.

Contact us today to see how we can assis you with your case.