After years working with the Australian Child Support Agency, Child Support Consulting was set up to help separated mums and dads gain a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities. Here, Luke (Company Director) explains how the child support service works, and why he thinks it appeals to parents and their current partners...

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Q: What exactly does Child Support Consulting do?

A: Our focus at Child Support Consulting is to ensure separated parents are aware of their child support rights and obligations.

Upon the findings of an initial phone review, we get the client to sign a CSA Representative Authority Form, which allows us to act on their behalf. This allows us to extract their case files, and we work together with the client to achieve the best possible outcome.

Q: What’s your background and why did you decide to create the service?

A: The Australian Child Support Agency (CSA) is a complex organization which is misunderstood by many separated parents who are either paying or receiving child support payments. I know this all too well from empathising with frustrated and confused clients of the CSA as I worked there for many years.

My time with the CSA helped me to better understand clients’ rights and obligations when it comes to paying child support.

I then proceeded to form Child Support Consulting Pty Ltd as I felt there should be a service which offers separated parents the guidance to recognize their choices through what is a challenging and traumatic time in their lives.

Q: What is your main focus?

A: My vision is to help separated parents gain clarity on their child support rights, either fiscally and/or mentally, thereby increasing efficiency/productivity in the workplace. I believe our service would be of great benefit to all separated parents as it aims to improve the welfare of dads & mums and their partners who are paying or receiving child support.

Q: What are the biggest issues for people who contact you?

A: Child support legislation is complex - it takes considerable time even for CSA staff members to equip themselves with a thorough knowledge of the system.

So it's no surprise that the biggest issues are generally a lack of understanding of the child support system and their rights. Most of the issues are debt issues and disputes with the CSA.

Q: Do people pay a fee for your service and can you tell us how it works?

A: We charge a fee for our service which covers one year of dealing with the CSA.

Q: For people encountering the world of child support for the first time, what are your top bits of advice?

A: When registering a child support case, there are two options for payment: one being private collection where the payments are facilitated between the parents; and the other being CSA collection where payments are made to CSA (who will then disburse the funds to the receiving parent). Ask the CSA what type of incomes are being used in the Child Support Assessment. Also make sure you confirm CSA has the correct care levels.

Child Support Consulting is based in South Australia but deals with clients nationally. For further information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone 1300 584 006 or visit