Child Support

How do you go about determining exactly how much child support you should pay or receive?

So often clients come to us and just want a fair and reasonable assessment from the Child Support Agency (CSA). But the reality of what CSA charge a paying parent, and what you can claim in lieu of child support is a mysterious grey area.

CSA don’t ask you what you are currently paying on top of child support payments, to help your children out.

It might be school fees, tutoring, extracurricular activities, essential medical or dental bills, you might even be funding fuel for your ex’s car.

You might have agreed to pay half of the children’s private school fees or get a pair of glasses for little Bobby – yet all these type of costs are not included in the stock standard child support payment CSA charge you!

CSA don’t give you the tools to help reduce your payments to reflect a true and fair assessment.

Have they reviewed your current care levels, or your current income? Have they asked you if your ex’s income is reflect correctly?

There are plenty of options available to you - so ring us to have your assessment reviewed so that your payments ARE fair and reasonable!