Things can be tough at times, but registering a Child Support case in Australia, can be an advantage for you. It can help you understand and solve all child support issues which at the end of the day, means more of a benefit for you and your children.

Child support can also be referred to as financial support: It is the money that one parent is legally obliged to pay the other parent, to ensure that a child’s needs are met, despite not living together. The parent who receives child support payments, generally has the majority of care of the children or child.

Parents may find child support laws and payments difficult to comprehend.

That’s why we, at Child Support Consulting, are here to help.

If you are the parent that is supposed to make child support payments: we will help you with all your child support issues, perform a health check on your case and give you unlimited advice. This will ensure that you’ll be paying a fair and right amount.

If you are the receiving parent, you’ll be assured that you are receiving the right amount.

Keep in mind that this is for the benefit of your children or child, and we only want what’s best for them.

We are not a government department but we will communicate with the Child Support Agency on your behalf.

With more than 10 years industry experience, you can be reassured that all areas of child support are addressed.

We will give you the best options, the right advice, we will help you save money, we will act as your authorised representative and we will negotiate any child support debt – while keeping in mind that this is for the benefit of your children.

Child Support in Australia may sound terrifying, but it doesn’t have to be, with the right team on your side. We stick with our goals of giving you excellent advice and solid representation so you could never go wrong with your child support case.