As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your kids. Life can be tough at times but circumstances do not have limit you, from being a parent who still supports your children, financially or emotionally. Child Support Consulting can help with all your CSA issues. We can provide you options to reduce your payments and deal with Child Support Australia in a manner that best suits your case.

Child support or financial support are payments made from one parent to other parent. This money should be used in order to ensure that your child’s needs are met, even if you have no care of the child.

Child support laws may be difficult to grasp. Child Support Consulting can ensure that you fully understand Child Support Law, to ensure that your child obtains the appropriate support they deserve.

Here at Child Support Consulting, we can perform a full case analysis for you. This will give you the guarantee that you are paying the right amount. Although we are not a government department, we can communicate with the Child Support Agency on your behalf.

Child support in Australia does not have to be a complicated task. We review and update our customer records and work with our clients to educate them about legislation. If you need assistance in discussing alternative collection avenues or need some changes to care agreements, we’d love to sit down with you and discuss it.

We feel that it is important to attain independent advice, assistance and support in understanding CSA’s processes and their legislation. That is the primary reason why we are here. We have helped solve several cases through the years.

So, please give us a ring to further discuss your case.

photo credit: Henrik Sandklef