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Under current legislation, all parents have a duty to maintain their child – regardless of who is the child’s primary carer. The Child Support Agency has been established by the Australian Government to assess the amount of Child Support payable by each parent. 

A modification of the Child Support Assessment is possible under exceptional circumstances.

Private Child Support Agreements can be established between both parties in lieu of CSA assessments. A parent or child may make an application to the Court for adult child maintenance in specific circumstances.

Child Support Payments

Child support payment is an amount of money transferred between separated parents to help raise your child. It is payable whether you live in Australia or overseas. Child support payments can be transferred privately, through the Department of Human Services or a registered agreement or court order. Payments are based on an assessment of your adjusted taxable income from the previous year. If this is no longer an accurate reflection of your current income, you may be eligible to provide an estimate of your income for the current financial year. You can update this if your circumstances change.